Santa Fe Depot

Landmark Museum viewed from north

Santa Fe Depot 1

The Garland Santa Fe Depot was constructed in 1901 by the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad, and designed by a railroad systems engineer. It replaced an earlier depot built in 1886 in the township of Embree, destroyed by a fire in 1900.

Santa Fe Depot 2

No exterior alterations have been made, though the original color is believed to be red with a green roof, and only a waiting room partition and restroom facilities were added inside. In its early years, it served as a shipping point for farm produce. In 1972, the City of Garland moved the depot from its original site to it’s first home as a Landmark Museum located behind City Hall at Museum Plaza.  In 1974 the Santa Fe Railroad Depot received a State of Texas Historical Marker designation.

Santa Fe Depot 3

In 2014, the City moved the Santa Fe Depot to his current location at 363 N. Sixth Street to make way for a new housing development to the east and south of City Hall.

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